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Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Accelerate the fusion of industrial chips and smart sensors to support the cultivation and development of the industry

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has issued the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"). By 2025, informatization and industrialization will be integrated in a wider, deeper and higher level. With the development, the new generation of information technology has accelerated its penetration into various fields of the manufacturing industry. The scope has been significantly expanded, the degree has continued to deepen, and the quality has been greatly improved. The digital transformation of the manufacturing industry has accelerated significantly, and the national integration of industrialization and industrialization development index has reached 105.

The "Plan" clarifies the main tasks, including cultivating new products, new models and new business forms, promoting digital transformation of industry sectors, building a new foundation for integrated development, stimulating new vitality of corporate entities, and fostering a new ecosystem of cross-border integration.

Cultivate new products, new models, and new formats.

New smart products

support the joint research of manufacturing companies and information technology companies, promote the integrated application of artificial intelligence, 5G, advanced sensing and other technologies, and cultivate industrial-grade smart hardware, smart robots, smart connected cars, and intelligence Ships, drones, smart wearable devices, smart homes and other new smart products. Develop scenario-based applications based on smart products, accelerate the application and promotion of smart products in key industries such as industry, transportation, medical care, education, national defense science and industry, health and elderly care, and serve to support industrial transformation and upgrading and household consumption upgrades.

Platform-based design

relies on the industrial Internet platform to realize high-level and high-efficiency lightweight design, concurrent design, agile design, interactive design and model-based design, transforming traditional design methods, and improving R&D quality and efficiency. Develop platform-based and virtualized simulation design tools, cultivate a new model of platform-based design, promote the integration of design, process, manufacturing, and operation and maintenance, realize production without physical prototypes, shorten the development cycle of new products, and enhance product competitiveness.

Intelligent manufacturing

Enhance corporate information technology application capabilities, accelerate the digital transformation of the entire manufacturing process, promote the construction of smart manufacturing units, smart production lines, and smart workshops, and achieve dynamic perception, interconnection, data integration, and smart management and control of all elements and links. Promote the in-depth application of advanced process control systems in enterprises, accelerate the cloud deployment and optimization and upgrade of manufacturing execution systems, deepen the application of artificial intelligence integration, and improve production efficiency, product quality and safety through comprehensive perception, real-time analysis, scientific decision-making and precise execution Level, reduce production costs and energy resource consumption.

Promote the digital transformation of the industry field

equipment manufacturing to

improve the supply support capacity of intelligent manufacturing, carry out key common technology research and integrated applications in the process of design, technology, testing, production and processing, accelerate the softwareization of industrial technology, and overcome a number of major short-board equipment and major technologies equipment. Focusing on key equipment fields such as machinery, automobiles, aviation, aerospace, ships, weapons, electronics, and electric power, build digital workshops and smart factories, build digital twin systems for the full life cycle of equipment, and promote large-scale applications of model-based systems engineering (MBSE) , Relying on the industrial Internet platform to realize the predictive maintenance and health management of equipment.

Electronic information

guide electronics industry companies to deepen the innovative application of 5G, big data, artificial intelligence, edge computing and other technologies, improve the level of software and hardware collaboration, and accelerate the development of new application models such as man-machine collaborative assembly and quality intelligent inspection. Support enterprises to strengthen the collaborative management of the supply chain based on the industrial Internet platform, realize the dynamic and precise coordination of electronic component procurement, production, inventory, quality, logistics and other links, optimize the efficiency of resource allocation in the entire supply chain, and strengthen the level of coordinated management and control of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. Facing the electronic information industry cluster area, promote the platform-based convergence and sharing of equipment and capabilities such as design, manufacturing, and testing, and enhance the coordinated development and risk prevention capabilities of industrial clusters.

Green manufacturing

Implement the “Internet +” green manufacturing initiative, guide enterprises to apply new generation information technology to build online pollutant emission monitoring systems, underground pipeline network leakage detection systems, industrial wastewater recycling intelligent management platforms and energy management centers, and carry out resources, energy and pollutants Process dynamic monitoring, precise control and optimized management promote carbon emission reduction and help achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality. Accelerate the digitization of green manufacturing systems, promote the software packaging of green technologies, cultivate a number of digital and modular green manufacturing solutions, and promote the innovative application of mature green manufacturing technologies. Establish an informatization engineering platform for ecological environmental protection in the industrial field, focus on the full life cycle of key products in key industries, strengthen data sharing and co-governance between departments, build a public database of resources, energy and pollutants, and improve resource and energy management.  Build a new foundation for

integrated development,

build a new information infrastructure, and

accelerate the construction and application of 5G large-scale networking, formulate 5G development plans for key industries, and accelerate the establishment of a nationwide, high-quality, efficient operation, and world-leading 5G basic network. Improve the industrial Internet identification analysis system, promote the application of new network technologies such as 5G, gigabit optical fiber networks, IPv6, time-sensitive networks (TSN), and software-defined networks (SDN) in the industrial field, and accelerate the transformation of industrial enterprises' internal and external networks. Establish an industrial Internet security monitoring system, and implement classified and hierarchical management of industrial Internet enterprise network security and implementation of standards. Build a national industrial Internet big data center system, promote the collection, transmission, processing, storage and sharing of industrial data resources, and build a cross-regional and cross-industry industrial big data support service system.

Improve key core technology support capabilities

Promote technological progress through fusion applications, build an integrated platform for industry-university-research use and a common technology public service platform, carry out research on key cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and digital twins, and break through core technical bottlenecks such as core electronic components and basic software. Speed up the process of digital industrialization. Through product testing, marketization and industrialization guidance, accelerate the cultivation and development of the integration of industrial chips, smart sensors, industrial control systems, and industrial software to support the development and growth of the industry, and enhance the ability of industrial support. Support enterprises to build a basic product system with independent intellectual property rights, make good use of the first (set of) major technical equipment insurance compensation policy to promote the large-scale application of innovative products, give full play to the role of preferential tax policies, and increase the promotion of innovative information technology products, and iterative Improve the readiness and maturity of software and hardware products and systems, and improve the integrity and competitiveness of the industrial chain.

Stimulate the new vitality of the main body of the enterprise

strengthen the "specialized and special new" small and medium-sized enterprises to

implement the SME innovation ability and specialization level improvement project, incubate millions of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, cultivate 100,000 provincial-level "specialized, special and new" small and medium-sized enterprises, Wanjia specializes in new "little giant" enterprises. Carry out special actions for the digital empowerment of small and medium-sized enterprises, cultivate and promote a number of digital products and services that meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, and reduce the cost of digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises. Encourage large enterprises to carry out mutually beneficial cooperation with small and medium-sized enterprises through various forms such as open platforms, focus on intensive cultivation in areas of industrial advantage and key links of the industrial chain, and promote the integration and innovation of the upper, middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain, as well as large and small enterprises.
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